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An introduction to Sofia

Bulgaria is still unexplored in direct comparison to Spain and British socialites have not given the stag fatigue to Sofia stags as of yet, so now is the time to strike it rich there. Its a capital with a rich past and an exciting future; and it is this combination that makes Sofia stag weekends an exciting destination for grooms wishing for something off the beaten path. In the west part of Bulgaria, below the majestic Mt Vitosha, this Slavonic styled capital is home to 1.5million people and alot of drop dead gorgeous girls. Bulgaria’s bustling capital pulsates with life, offering a plethora of clubs, restaurants and bars. As the sunsets, and the clocks approach midnight, this urban beast reveals the red hot stag action and delivers with the money shot dead centre.

The traditional tavern’s serve pints of beer for a £1.00 whilst the upper crust clubs still charge bar bills like the Nags Head in the 1980s. It’s cheap! That’s the point we are getting across here! The soviet relics and grey buildings might not ignite the Kevin McCloud in you, but the green eye-black-hair sirens might. Our Grand design will be different, as our female nightlife guides take our Sofia stag weekends on a wildside pub crawl, discovering the liveliest nightspots and highest density of women you’ll have seen for a while. By day try pistol shooting, karting, paintballing, rafting and blast off AK-47 machine guns. All the essential Sofia stag activites can be booked through us. Taste the forbidden fruit of the Eastern bloc, call our expert team today.

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