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Germany stag weekends

A Germany stag do? Tell me more!

Now it’s the German’s turn to say – ‘Zee Engleesh arr cuming!’ Finally the Brits are invading German shores for all the right reasons: great beer, lovely people, liberal cities, awesome 24hr nightlife. Two of the biggest contenders are Berlin stag weekends and Hamburg stag nights, shortly followed by Munich (but mainly known for the Oktoberfest).

Germany stag do really is a cracking location for a wild party abroad, and much more easy going than British culture. They certainly welcome the Brits with open arms, and find our dressing up costumes to be very amusing. There’s a magnitude going on here in this fine country, so why not consider the capital Berlin or the famous Reeperbahn of Hamburg. Bestmen take note! It’s all happening in Germany!

Cities in Germany

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