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Germany stag weekends

A Germany stag do? Tell me more!

The English love to party in Germany, because they have the best beer and beautiful blonde women. The German’s know how to organise a great party and host the world’s best beer festivals.

Our stag weekends in Munich, have planned their Oktoberfest stag do with us, to get the best tickets, tables and tents. Enjoy 24 hours of wild parties, quirky pop-up events and thumping deep house clubs. Strong beer, liberal cities and great music loving people make Germany the right choice for a winter stag do idea.

Munich is home to one of the greatest party events of all time, Oktoberfest. A classic right-of-passage that any respectable bunch of friends will do in their life-time. Beyond the festival, you’ll enjoy the city’s historical cobbled streets and squares. Primed with bars and cafes serving the golden nectar.

From the Red Light districts of Hamburg to the techno warehouses of Berlin, Germany has a multifaceted personality.  A stag weekend in Germany delivers by the tank full. Superb hotels, top-notch restaurants, fun activities and sonically the best clubs in Europe.

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