Recommended stag weekends in Iceland

Iceland stag weekends

Looking for something a bit more exclusive? Iceland is super cool!

Reykjavik is the most northernly capital in the world, and what it lacks in size more than makes up in personality. Stag weekends in Iceland are simply legendary.

The Icelandic capital is known for its all night clubbing, urban-chic bars, beautiful blonde locals and carnival style atmosphere on the weekends. Just about every door in the downtown, leads to a busy drinking hole.

The days can be filled with wild stag party antics and activities. Try heli skiing in Iceland or snowmobiling across glaciers. Ice climb, drink in an ice bar, try ice fishing. You see the pattern here now? By night we can hunt for the Northern Lights, travel by husky or power through snow-capped hillsides on monster trucks.

It’s an astonishing country, with more diversity than a universities freshers fair. Take the best pictures you’ve ever taken and do something that the average stag do wouldn’t do. Even dream of for that matter.

Iceland has lost none of its traditional charms, still radiating a mixture of deep cultures and cosmopolitan influences, enchanting locals with its multi-faceted offerings. From hot leggy blondes to mountain off piste skiing, pack everything and send the groom to Iceland.

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