Try a stag weekend in Reykjavik

Reykjavik stag weekends

Powerful waterfalls, snowmobiling, northern lights, and lap dancing !

In choosing the world’s most northernly capital, you’ll have made the coolest (literally) choice! However, if budget is a restriction to your friends, then forget this Icelandic wonderland. Expensive flights, £10 pints and high end actvities, means a costly weekend away. Honestly though, it might be three more expensive than Prague, but can be three times more rewarding, but dont enquire if the kitty is fairly shallow from the off set.

If money is no object, then Iceland is a playground of opportunity. Try quad biking on black sands, whale watching by kayaks, glacier hiking, ice climbing, wild tours on snowmobiles, chilling in the blue lagoon or searching for the Northern lights. By night, Reykjavik stag weekends reveals its true identity. No longer a sleepy town, come midnight the streets are electric.

For starters, the Icelandic people have a carefree and liberal attitude, and the model blonde girls are evrywhere. The walkable capital is more village like and cafes turn into bars, and bars open into clubs. For the high rollers, you’ll find lap dancing and cutting edge clubs. Where else in the world can you climb a volcanoe, have a private lap dance and eat rotten shark? Mum’s might go to Iceland, but Daddy and mates are off to Reykjavik for a wild and adventurous weekend!

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