Plan your stag weekend in Romania

Romania stag weekends

Ideal for the adventurous stag groups looking to experience the Eastern Bloc !

The Romanian folklore heritage of song and dance has most definitely been converted to more modern day times. There are café’s, bars, clubs and casinos all over town for guys abroad looking for action. There’s huge meat market clubs for Romania stag weekends, chic bars for urban socialites and casinos for the flash & high-rollers. Book a trip to Romania and experience the amazing nightlife of Bucharest and university cities, and you’ll come home with a big smile on your face. In our opinion Bucharest stag nights are all about the beautiful dark haired girls, cheap beer and unrestricted licensing hours. Yes the hotels are a bit pricier (catering for business travelers, rather than tourists) but so what! Get off the beaten track, and we’ll make your Bucharest stag weekend unforgettable from start to finish.

Cities in Romania

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