Plan your stag weekends in Stockholm

Stockholm stag weekends

It's time to experience the blonde beauties of Stockholm! Call Stagmania !

Stockholm is famous for stunning blonde haired girls, and blue eyed women strutting their stuff. Stockholm stag weekends are definitely all about the charm and high end sophistication. If budget is not a problem and you’re not bothered about the price tag, then this Swedish delight might be the treat your after. Cold beers surrounded by stunning women, taking a cruise or pub hopping in the old town are just some reasons to party here.

Baroque buildings, tall fountains, majestic streets, and hipster cafes make this Scandinavian capital a very appealing place to stroll or stumble around. Whether you come to party in summer or winter, Stockholm stag nights will bring the heat for sure. Take an enthralling brewery tour and see how the good stuff is made. Sample a couple, and then head for the riverside bars. This capital may be picturesque and quite calming by day, but come midnight the clubs are packed with beautiful people.

You’ll need to dress in your smarts, as door policies are some of the harshest we’ve encountered in Europe. You’ll definitely need to organise VIP tables to get entry to the uber sleek nightclubs here. A Stockholm stag do is really going to struggle if you come out for the night without plans and a serious kitty tank. If you like the sound of Stockholm, but don’t like the idea of spending £10 on a pint of beer, then we suggest you try: Ljubljana in Slovenia or Krakow in Poland. Very sophisticated bars and clubs, and without the British crowds. Talk to the Stagmania team today, we are ready to put your stag-do plans into 5th gear.

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