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Below we have listed 4 of the very best stag destinations that Europe has to offer. Each catering for different needs, take your pick and book what is bound to be the best stag weekend of your life.


Munich, Bavaria! Europe’s beer capital, the home of beer, sausages and more beer. Located in the heart of Europe, the city boasts a major international airport as well as a train station terminal (in the centre of Munich) with trans-European rail connections all across Europe.

The first thing one might associate with Munich, is the world-renowned Oktoberfest; and rightly so! This annual event runs for just over 2 weeks starting in mid-September and hosts around 6 million people from all over the globe! Oktoberfest offers parades, food, drinks, games and music all situated in the Theriesenwiese (local fairgrounds).

Oktoberfest stag weekends

Oktoberfest stag weekends

For any beerheads, you’ll be pleased to know ALL the ales you’ll find at Oktoberfest are brewed locally in Munich under strict purity laws. After you’ve had the chance to enjoy a few Steins (in moderation, of course) you’ll want something sumptuous to get stuck into!

The festival’s food on offer is just as good as the Beer! It boasts a range of traditional hearty, Bavarian delicacies including Schweinebraten (roast pork), Hendl (roast chicken), Brezen (pretzels) and Weisswurst (Boiled, white sausage. GREAT WITH MUSTARD!).

Aside from the Oktoberfest, Munich is a city of vast culture, beauty and history. You can easily find plenty of entertaining activities to undertake. Some highlights include the Beer Museum, Bike tours of the city as well as the humbling Allianz Arena; home to both FC Bayern Munich and 1860 Munich. Bang in the centre you’ll find Kultfabrik, a huge complex of clubs and bars open until the early hours of the morning.


Borovets boasts some of the finest ski slopes in all of Europe, phenomenally cheaper drinks than other resorts and around 20 bars and 10 clubs that all make up for the fact that a ski stag in Borovets should be on the top of your list when choosing a ski stag destination. In recent years Borovets has become extremely popular for ski stag weekends due to £1 pints of beer, a massive nightlife scene to explore after an action packed day on the slopes and around 7 lap dancing joints to get stuck into.

The other huge tick for a short ski break are the flights. You can now fly to SOFIA the capital of Bulgaria from all over the UK including: Manchester, Bristol, Birmingham, Heathrow, Gatwick and Luton to name just a few.

Transfer times from Sofia airport to Borovets is only 1 hour 30 minutes making it very accessible for a ski stag do.

Ski stag weekends in Bulgaria and Slovenia

What makes a stag weekend on the slopes of Borovets stand out from other destinations is that, often during the days of a stag weekend, waiting to start the fun at night can overshadow the activities in the day. However, in Borovets the skiing or snowboarding that takes place during the day is just as fun as whatever you choose to get up to after dark. Of course, if you fancy skipping a day on the slopes, no problem, Borovets never sleeps. After all you are in the aptly named ‘Ski-Ibiza’.

So, what are you waiting for, grab your coat, you’re going skiing.



Ljubljana should be on the top of your list if you are seeking adrenaline fuelled activities to undertake during a stag weekend abroad. Situated in the centre of Slovenia, Ljubljana is surrounded by several rivers flowing through the capital city, ensuring there is no shortage of activities such as; white-water rafting, canyoning and kayaking.

Whilst we were out in Ljubljana we opted for the white-water rafting, we had been told the canyoning is very physically demanding and we decided we wanted to all experience the nightlife later on and not be stuck in some cave in central Europe. After a quick, but detailed guide on how to navigate the waters we set off in our 6-man raft and began hurtling downstream. None of us had ever done anything like this, so we did not expect how fast the rafts could go.

Riga stag weekends

It turns out the rafting too was very physically demanding, as you have to really give it your all to avoid the branches and other natural obstacles as you zip down the stream. Really could not stress enough how much fun it was, could have been a different matter entirely had I been jolted out of the raft and plummeted into the waters, which nearly happened on several occasions! Nevertheless, having our first drink of the day, back in Ljubljana, we all had great things to say about the day’s activity.

The fun kept on coming as the nightlife was definitely up to scratch with the daytime activities. There was plenty of variety come nightfall, from high-end rooftop bars to underground nightclubs; Ljubljana had it all, and then some. It didn’t cost us and arm and a leg, as it is a cheaper capital city than most, and we found ourselves partying long into the night with no shortage of stunning women around either.


Hvar island, in Croatia is the last but by no means the least option for the best of the best stag weekend locations. Situated off the south coast of Croatia, Hvar island is an idyllic looking island with crystal clear waters and golden sands and with old cobbled streets to explore the towns.

Hvar island oozes with class, and this is noted from the delicious high end restaurants, to the gorgeous women running around. If you are searching or something a little different to the usual stag weekend, something a bit more exclusive, Hvar island is the answer.

Boat parties and quad biking tours are the order of the day or perhaps a day spent on the beaches, relaxing with a beer or two. The beaches are just as beautiful as the women, and they are worth a visit during the day so you can spend a day basking in the sun and enjoying the many high end beach bars.


The harbour is definitely the place to be at night, with bars such as Carpe Diem and Hula Hula hosting the coolest clientele. Many famous faces have frequented Hvar and its many cocktail bars and beachfront clubs, from Beyoncé to Prince Harry and the island frequently attracts many famous DJs so you can be sure of a superb night.

A short walk away, uphill, takes you to a spot overlooking the town, where you can truly appreciate the scenery and take in the famous Croatian sunsets. Book your Hvar stag weekend today

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