How to plan a ski stag weekend

Firstly, don’t stress about organising a ski stag do. This guide will give you loads of useful tips, tricks and industry insights, to make the stag planning stress free. Our travel managers have been doing this for 20 years & we dedicate ourselves to organizing your fun abroad.

Get the ball rolling. Don’t wait to get started. 

Step 1

Get the friend invite list from the groom. 

If the list of friends is over 20 people, I’d ask the Groom to highlight the people he deems essential to making this trip happen.

Ask for mobile numbers & e-mails for each person, as these will be essential for communication. 

At this early stage, we would highly recommend setting up a some form of spreadsheet to collate the information. This way, you can properly track each person’s decisions, requirements, comments and payments to you.

Popular choices are G-Drive (Google’s version of Excel) or using Microsoft Excel.

Question the Groom’s choice of inviting people from his wife’s side of the family, older parents and people from work. It’s good to pose the question, in case he hasn’t really thought it through.

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Easy steps to stag success

Step 2

Next, you’ll need to knuckle down the dates of the ski stag weekend. Or to begin with, just choose the month.

At this stage, you will have to consult the groom and potentially his ‘wife-to-be’. We always suggest proposing 2 x suitable weekend dates. That way, there is a lot more chance, that all the groom’s friends will be available to attend.

Remember to check children’s & wife’s birthdays! You don’t want to lose that bestman status in your own household.

The ski season is January, February and March. Skiing in the first two weeks of April is sometimes possible in places like Slovenia.

Step 3

Now its time to pick a ski stag holiday destination. 

Some guys like to surprise the groom, others get them involved. It’s your personal preference. 

This is a good time to call your 1-1 stag manager, and discuss ideas and we’ll talk you through all the best places for ski breaks.

Our ski destinations are found here:

Our most popular for top quality snow, fast transfers and affordable skiing are Slovenia and Bulgaria.

Our ski stag packages take care of everything apart from flights. There are no hidden taxes or fees or local payments. Everything will be laid on for you, including private transfers and dedicated local on-the-ground staff.

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Step 4

Once the dates, holiday package & destination have been agreed by you and the groom (or the other bestmen),  it’s time to contact the Groom’s list of friends. 

Create a Facebook and WhatsAPP group. Both are worth doing, but we’ve found WhatsApp to be the best. 

Not all his friends will use Social Media, so always make a group e-mail or text message to capture everyone’s attention. You can use this e-mail, asking friends to signup to WhatsAPP and join the group.Most importantly – be a leader. Without a doubt ‘Too many cooks spoil the broth!’ It’s a big mistake involving the group when it comes to a decision. By all means – run your ideas past the groom or ushers. But NOT the group.

Step 5

Tell the group how much the ski stag weekend is going to cost. Tell the group the estimated flight price. Give them an overall budget price they will expect to pay. You don’t have to help them budget for food and beer (these are all local payments).

If your friends know: the total price, the flight times, dates of travel and itinerary – there is no reason why they can’t decide to come on the stag do or not.

At this stage, you are requesting your friends to give you a ‘strong’ provisional answer. Either: Yes I’m attending, or No I can’t make it.

For people not able to come, please ask them to remove themselves from the group or delete them from the group chat.

In your Excel spreadsheet or G-Drive, make a note of the people that are responding positively. These are your ‘Yes Men’ or technically called ‘the stags’.

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Find cheap flights to Sofia and Ljubljana

Step 6

Somewhere down the line you’ll need to book your flights. Here are some useful tips when organising your flights for a lads ski break abroad in Europe.

Book direct. Have more control over your own flight seats by booking them yourselves. Get the best price, check-in on-line, choose your seat or if you want food, book speedy boarding, get updates sent direct to your mobile.

Decide if you will book flights for the whole group or not. If you do decide to book flights for all your friends, you will need to collect their passport details and the money to cover flights.

Saving money on bags is possible. If one person pays for a checked bag, he can carry the groups liquids etc. Some groups make it into the theme and they wear their 80s ski outfits at the airport.

Tell the guys to double check their names before processing & paying their flight booking. It sounds funny, but many guys use their middle names (as their forenames). It sounds like a silly tip, but it happens! E.g. Matt, should be Matthew. Scan your eyes along the list and double check with your friends.

Avoid potential passport problems! Tell the guys and groom to check the expiry dates on their passports!

email your friends
Create a draft e-mail to send to your friends

Draft e-mail you can use

Stag Mania has drafted a very useful e-mail for you! Feel free to use it, or style your own out of our words!

Hi all,

It’s about that time where we need to give our mutual friend, [ INSERT NAME], a good send off into married life. Or at least treat ourselves to inexpensive beer and hit the ski slopes.

Finally [ INSERT NAME ] has got around to sending me the full list of names, emails & numbers for everyone he wants to be on the ski stag do. 

So, if you’re on this email string then you are one of the hundred or so that have made it. Congratulations & let the games begin!

With the wedding being only [ X MONTHS ] away I need for you all to give me your quickest replies about your attendance on the ski stag party. 

You should all check with your Fun Spoilers aka Mrs/work life/financial commitments, before answering. Please don’t say YES now, if you’re going to drop out later. Consider the costs, the dates of travel and double check the diary.

The ski stag weekend will be 3 nights in [INSERT DATES & DESTINATION]. So pack your sun cream, toothbrush and validate your passports.

We will be flying from [INSERT AIRPORT ], with [ INSERT AIRLINE NAME ]. 

The flight times are below:


Currently, the flight prices are very reasonable – approximately £90.00 pp – so let’s move on this quickly! So your earliest replies; ‘yes’ or ‘No’ are appreciated.

The details of the skiing stag package are below:


£50 pp none refundable deposit

The Final Balance will be paid 8 weeks prior to travel

What to do next?

To commit to [ INSERT GROOM’S NAME ] ski stag weekend, I need you to do 2 things ASAP.

1. Reply to this e-mail, if you can attend or not.

2. Send me your £50 pp deposit, so I can pay the ski company.

To book on:

My sort code is  [INSERT DETAILS ]

My account number is [INSERT DETAILS ]

Use the reference:  SKI STAG DO 

Please do let me know by e-mail or text Message that you have paid. Anyone is welcome to pay the full amount straight away, rather than just the deposit. All money is forwarded to the ski stag company.

Peace of mind

We are travelling with Stag Mania.– The Tour operator is UK Limited and holds an ATOL Licence. They are rated 5 stars on Facebook, TripAdvisor and Trust Pilot, with 20 years of organising stag weekends.

Final words

I hope you all can make it. I know [ INSERT GROOM’S NAME ] would appreciate seeing you on the slopes and clinking a cold beer. 

Personally I’m looking forward to meeting the new faces, and learning more about [ INSERT GROOM’S NAME ] dodgy past! 

I will be contacting [ INSERT GROOM’S HOME TOWN NAME ] Police to get some photos and video footage from them to of the groom, as I’ve heard they have a whole room of evidence all to him. 

If anyone has got any tasty photos of [ INSERT GROOM’S NAME ] chequered past that we can use in the speech – do send them through. The more unflattering and incriminating the better. 

Hope to hear from you soon


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