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Skiing and snow boarding are great winter sports but it’s always essential to remember they are extreme sports and should be enjoyed responsibly.

Below is your essential guide to ski & snow board safety. We ask all participants to read the below information carefully:

Essential tips to stay safe on the slopes:

  • Protect your head – HELMETS are strongly recommend and can be rented from your ski fitment shop

  • Take out appropriate insurance – note many insurers will insist you wear a helmet

  • Have a medical check-up before you ski – one of the major causes of hospitalisation and death on the slopes is heart attacks

  • SAVE the following numbers:
  • Mountain Rescue Borovets [BULGARIA]: +359 887 100 243
    Mountain Rescue Krvavec [SLOVENIA]: +386 (0)4 27 11 800
    Emergency services in Slovenia: 112
  • Always stay within the marked ski slopes and don’t attempt slopes you’re not experienced or fit enough to tackle
  • Always check daily the ski runs and lifts – working hours

  • Always abide by the alpine responsibility code [attached] watch your speed and distance – most skiing injuries are caused by collisions with other skiers 

  • Read our drink safe guide below!

  • Never ski alone & even skiing in a pair let others know where you’re going and tell them of any changes to your plans

Drink Safe

Ski stag weekends in Bulgaria & Slovenia are great fun but we remind you to drink safely and responsibly. Below are some top tips we recommend you read which could help you or a friend.

Top Tips:

  • –  Always keep hydrated – make sure you drink plenty of water before andduring a night out

  • –  Eating isn’t cheating – Food helps slow the absorption of alcohol; carbs or protein such as pasta, potatoes and chicken are particularly good to eat before or while you’re out.

  • –  It’s not a race, drink at your own pace – It takes up to an hour for your body to process each unit of alcohol. So have a break between drinks. Skinny, short, everyone copes with alcohol differently, so why try and keep up with your mates? Save face (and money) by sticking to smaller rounds with a couple of mates or avoid rounds altogether.

  • –  Where do I live again? – It’s easy to forget you’re somewhere new. Plan your journey while you’ve got a clear head, and you’ve got a better chance of making it home without any surprise detours. Put a hotel card or leaflet in your wallet.

  • –  Leave no-one behind – Especially in ski resorts its essential not to leave any mates behind or likewise wander off on your own. Temperatures at night can reach well below zero. If sharing a room with a friend look out for each other and make sure you get back to the hotel together.

  • –  How did I spend that much? – Ever had that sinking feeling in the morning, when you see the pile of receipts for drinks you don’t remember buying? That’s the last thing you want to wake up to. Make sure you keep some money in a separate pocket for getting yourself home safely.

  • –  Looking out for each other – For a great night, you want your mates to be on top form too. So getting snacks and a jug of water for the table could be good for everyone. Look out for each other in case someone’s getting ahead of themselves. If they are, grab them some water or a soft drink from the bar and encourage them to pace themselves – you don’t want to have to miss out on your own ski stag weekend night out by having to take them back to the hotel & play nurse.

  • –  Mine’s a pint…of water – If you stop drinking alcohol before the end of the evening and get some water in, your body can get a head start sorting itself out, which means getting home safely and less chance of
    a hangover tomorrow. Drink a glass of water when you get home too – you’ll thank yourself in the morning!

  • Useful resources: |

  • Emergency services in Europe: Dial 112

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