Direct flights from UK to Sofia

For guys looking for a cheeky lads ski break or a ski stag weekend Borovets is a great choice. It has excellent skiing facilities, hotels, restaurants and importantly it has plenty of wicked bars! Borovets ticks all the boxes – short transfers, cheap flights, great skiing & electric nightlife. All at a fraction of the cost of France and Austria.

In winter, Borovets is covered with loads of snow, but temperatures are mild and stay around ‘0’ Celsius, which makes it an attractive destination for skiing all the way from December until April.

But it’s not only the beer prices that are cheaper than other countries, flight prices are much more affordable compared to the many European ski destinations. To get to Borovets, you’ll need to fly into Sofia; Bulgaria’s capital.

So, which airlines fly from UK to Sofia, Bulgaria? To help you plan your ski stag do below is the definitive list:


Which airlines fly from London Heathrow to Sofia?

If you are London based, there are several options to and connections to Sofia. For those that find London Heathrow most convenient airport to fly from, there is British Airways:

British Airways flies from London Heathrow to Sofia

Bulgarian Airways flies from London Heathrow to Sofia


Who flies from London Gatwick to Sofia?

EasyJet offers a connection with Sofia from several airport across UK, one of them is London Gatwick airport:

EasyJet flies from London Gatwick to Sofia


Which airlines connect Luton with Sofia?

There are more London based airports from which you can also fly to Sofia. Next one is London Luton.

EasyJet flies from London Luton to Sofia

Wizzair also connects London Luton with Sofia

Which airline connects Manchester airport with Sofia?

Also, if you are based on the North of UK, and Manchester is your most convenient airport you’ll find the same airline connecting Manchester with Sofia.

 EasyJet flies from Manchester to Sofia


Can you fly directly from Birmingham to Sofia?

Yes, there are two airlines who offer flights from Birmingham to Sofia:

Wizzair flies from Birmingham to Sofia

Ryan Air flies from Birmingham to Sofia


Are there direct flights from Bristol to Sofia?

For those based around Bristol, they can also find affordable flights with Wizzair.

Wizzair flies from Bristol to Sofia


Is Liverpool directly connected with Sofia?

If you are Liverpool based, there is also a convenient flight connection directly to Sofia:

Ryan air connects Liverpool with Sofia


Can you fly directly from Glasgow to Sofia?

Ryan air also offers direct flights from Glasgow to Sofia


As you can see, there is plenty of choice for direct flights to Sofia from the UK and if you book in advance prices are very affordable. So why not start planning your ski stag do now?

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