Winter stag do ideas

We have been organising stag weekends in Europe for over 20 years, so we know the best places to party and what activities to book for that destination. For men getting married in May and June, they more than often organise their last nights of freedom, during the dark days of December to April. With this in mind, we thought we’d share our knowledge, to show case some of the best winter Stag do ideas. From activities and costumes to travel tips and best times to go, these are our essential top tips for any winter stag weekend abroad.

Snowbombing stag do

Ski stag do

So, coming in at a fairly obvious numero Uno position, is to book a Ski Stag Weekends. For anyone who has done a cheeky lads ski break with the guys you don’t need to read any further; you know the score! For those of you considering this as a winter stag idea then congratulations you are most certainly on the right piste.

Seriously though, ski stag dos are reviewed by our clients with an impeccable average review rating of 94%. In fact, we have never dropped a 5-star review rating on Trustpilot or Facebook for our ski stag breaks. 

Our top sellers are ski stag weekends in Borovets and a ski stag in Ljubljana. Both are absolutely ideal for a snow party with the boys. Typically, most groups go for 3 nights with 2 days of skiing but of course it’s possible to go for longer or shorter depending on your group’s needs.

Borovets & Ljubljana work really well because there are low cost airline routes, short transfers to the slopes, great skiing and of course fantastic après ski and nightlife. Oh yes and I forget they are still both extremely affordable. Unlike France & Austria you are not taking out second mortgages when you get a round of double vodka red bulls for the guys!

To get the full low down; do check out our previous blog: Why a Ski Stag Weekend. It covers a lot of areas including non-skiers, beginners, fitness, best time for snow etc….  but to summarise, ski stag holiday offers priceless good times with your best friends. Action packed fun-filled days & hilarious evenings.

St Anton ski stag do


A top winter stag do idea is an Iceland stag weekend. Not the supermarket; but the country of course! Iceland is a stunning destination and if you want to do something really outside of the ordinary then this is most certainly a bucket list option. 

Winter in Iceland brings with it a number of cool opportunities in every sense of the word! For outdoor enthusiast then of course, we highly recommend trying some unique winter experiences such as snowmobiling on Langjokull glacier. This is an unforgettable activity that can be organised as a stand-alone activity or as a combination tour. We would recommend doing the snowmobiling as part of our full day Super-Jeep Safari experience. Of course, it’s not cheap but it means you do a full 10-hour golden circle tour with the snowmobiling included. 

On arrival or departure, we would also recommend building in a stop at Iceland’s famous thermally heated blue lagoon. This is a great start or end to a stag weekend in Iceland and we can build this in to suit your flight times!

Other incredible winter stag do ideas in Iceland are dog-sledding and chasing the aurora. Dogsledding is definitely a great one to try with your friends. It’s not only a unique activity to try but it also means you get to see some spectacular scenery to boot. If dogs aren’t your thing then chasing down the Northern Lights is something quite extraordinary. For this activity we definitely recommend contacting us and we can guide you through all the different options.

The only negative with Iceland is it’s not a cheap stag destination; in-fact let’s call it as it is; it’s expensive! So, you do need to bear this in mind and of course consider all the people attending your stag before committing! 

Iceland stag weekends

Winter festivals

If you like skiing and music, then this winter stag idea is definitely for you. It’s the perfect combination of hedonism at night; après ski in the afternoon and recharging with clean mountain air during the days! 

There are a number of top ski festivals in Europe to consider & for a full break down of the best options for a ski stag party then check out our blog: Top 5 Ski festivals in Europe.

SNOWBOMBING (in Austria) is still the grand master of ski festivals and always attracts world class acts.

ALTITUDE (in Austria) is a winter comedy festival appropriately labelled ‘the funniest show on the snow’. Definitely a good laugh and a novel winter stag idea. 

SNOWBOXX (in France) is another top winter festival. Known for its epic raves, open air arena & igloo parties it’s definitely a top ski stag idea to consider. 

Is there any downside to winter ski festivals for a stag do? The only things we would say you need to consider are a) the cost and b) the snow conditions and c) Bottled ski lift queues.

Although we love our winter ski festivals, they are not cheap so you will need to consider all the costs before you put it on the table. The other issue is snow conditions. Most of the ski festivals are organised at the end of the season in late March or April so snow conditions are less reliable. So, you definitely need to think what element is the most important aspect for you and your friends? is it the partying or the skiing? Are you happy to compromise ski and snow quality for the stages and raves? Only you know that….. 

Oktoberfest Festival

Munich, Bavaria! Europe’s beer capital, the home of beer, sausages and more beer. Located in the heart of Europe, the city boasts a major international airport as well as a train station terminal (in the centre of Munich) with trans-European rail connections all across Europe.

The first thing one might associate with Munich, is the world-renowned Oktoberfest; and rightly so! This annual event runs for just over 2 weeks starting in mid-September and hosts around 6 million people from all over the globe! Oktoberfest offers parades, food, drinks, games and music all situated in the Theriesenwiese (local fairgrounds).

For any beerheads, you’ll be pleased to know ALL the ales you’ll find at Oktoberfest are brewed locally in Munich under strict purity laws. After you’ve had the chance to enjoy a few Steins (in moderation, of course) you’ll want something sumptuous to get stuck into!

The festival’s food on offer is just as good as the Beer! It boasts a range of traditional hearty, Bavarian delicacies including Schweinebraten (roast pork), Hendl (roast chicken), Brezen (pretzels) and Weisswurst (Boiled, white sausage. GREAT WITH MUSTARD!).

Aside from the Oktoberfest, Munich is a city of vast culture, beauty and history. You can easily find plenty of entertaining activities to undertake. Some highlights include the Beer Museum, Bike tours of the city as well as the humbling Allianz Arena; home to both FC Bayern Munich and 1860 Munich. Bang in the centre you’ll find Kultfabrik, a huge complex of clubs and bars open until the early hours of the morning.


Ok so this one really is out there but worth a read if nothing else. A few years back we were lucky enough to be invited by Visit Norway on a tourism trip to Svalbard located at 78 degrees north; within the arctic circle.

Svalbard is home to the world seed bank protecting the worlds plant seeds in case of some form of natural or man-made disasters. As a result, a lot of people who live or work here are related to the science fraternity. However, it doesn’t just attract scientists. Svalbard is also a tourist destination attracting folks looking to see what is often referred to as one of the Earths last wildernesses

In fact, in Svalbard there are more polar bears living here than humans. At this stage you are probably thinking ‘that’s all very well; but this place doesn’t exactly sound like an obvious winter stag do destination’; and you would be right. There’s nothing obvious about Svalbard but it does have a surprisingly good selection of funky bars, restaurants and hotels. It also seemed to attract young explorers from Canada, Scandinavia, Russia and USA. There is a really good times vibe here!

However, it’s the winter activities you are booking in for. Heading deep into the arctic tundra is truly an experience that will stay with you. It’s so quiet and other worldly. Of course, the best way to explore the surrounding area is by snow mobiles and by dog-sled. I would recommend doing both. Do check out our dedicated Svalbard blog to get the full story on these activities! Of course, all the above comes at a cost. This is what we would call a bucket list winter stag idea. Polar bears, northern lights, thermal spas & snow mobiles in one of our last remaining wildernesses…. What do reckon….who’s in??? 

ski stag do holiday

Borovets ski stag do

Borovets boasts some of the finest ski slopes in all of Europe, phenomenally cheaper drinks than other resorts and around 20 bars and 10 clubs that all make up for the fact that a ski stag in Borovets should be on the top of your list when choosing a ski stag destination. In recent years Borovets has become extremely popular for ski stag weekends due to £1 pints of beer, a massive nightlife scene to explore after an action packed day on the slopes and around 7 lap dancing joints to get stuck into.

The other huge tick for a short ski break are the flights. You can now fly to SOFIA the capital of Bulgaria from all over the UK including: Manchester, Bristol, Birmingham, Heathrow, Gatwick and Luton to name just a few.

Transfer times from Sofia airport to Borovets is only 1 hour 30 minutes making it very accessible for a ski stag do.

What makes a stag weekend on the slopes of Borovets stand out from other destinations is that, often during the days of a stag weekend, waiting to start the fun at night can overshadow the activities in the day. However, in Borovets the skiing or snowboarding that takes place during the day is just as fun as whatever you choose to get up to after dark. Of course, if you fancy skipping a day on the slopes, no problem, Borovets never sleeps. After all you are in the aptly named ‘Ski-Ibiza’.

So, what are you waiting for, grab your coat, you’re going skiing.

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